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Business Management Certificate in Marketing

From pricing to promotion, drive profitability with effective marketing strategy.

Business Management Certificate in Marketing

A company’s success often relies on marketing, and in today’s highly competitive economy, the right or wrong message can make or break the bottom line. But marketing isn’t just about crafting a clever campaign; it requires an understanding of brand development, distribution channels, pricing, promotion, customers and competition. In as few as six months, you can earn your certificate, mastering marketing strategy and exploring techniques for using the Internet, social media and global marketing to bolster your brand while gaining competitive advantage.

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Gain Real-World Knowledge You Can Use Immediately In Your Position

Your program begins with a foundation of practical business skills you can apply immediately in your current position. Business Essentials I and II, with each course building upon the last, will introduce you to concepts in micro and macroeconomics, project and process management, finance and accounting, business law and ethics, and marketing, among others. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of front-line leadership, including the crucial ability to delegate responsibilities and get results through others. Next, you’ll progress to your Tactical Marketing Management course, learning:

  • The importance of marketing, how marketing relates to other business functions and the role of marketing in society at large
  • How to select, analyze and define a target market for a product or service
  • How to evaluate market planning and strategy for a product or service
  • Competing through innovation, including web, social media, email, mobile and more
  • The nature and importance of vertical, horizontal and multichannel marketing systems

Receive an:

Business Management Certificate in Marketing

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Who Should Register?

The Certificates in Business Essentials program benefits individuals with a desire to expand their knowledge in the core business areas in order to advance their career or change paths. It is ideal for front-line managers and technical personnel looking to move into middle management, transition into leadership positions or simply improve their job performance. Additionally, those with little formal business education will find the programs to be great preparation for a business-related associate’s or bachelor’s degree, while others holding a degree can brush up on core business skills and key disciplines. Earning a respected credential from a top-rated university can also increase job security and salary potential.

The Certificate programs are also ideal for groups interested in highly flexible and cost-effective management programs from a recognized education leader.